The 2020 Warrior Games are free and open to the public! All are invited to cheer on our athletes as they display their resiliency in overcoming significant challenges.

  • The 2020 Games will be memorable for the athletes, enjoyable for their caregivers and family members, and inspirational and educational for all.
  • The Warrior Games showcase the benefits of adaptive sports and the DoD’s warrior care programs.
  • This year, the Warrior Games make a triumphant voyage to San Antonio, Texas, and will be hosted by the US Marine Corps.
  • While the Warrior Games are primarily focused on the athletes, and their incredible experiences and accomplishments, it is also important to recognize the tremendous dedication and support of athletes’ family members and caregivers who have made their own sacrifices to help our athletes with their recovery efforts and athletic achievements.
  • Adaptive sports provide opportunities for athletes to heal and to regain confidence and purpose; the Warrior Games offer a way to celebrate their efforts and commitment to healing.
  • This year, Warrior Games will feature a Warrior Games Expo providing athletes, families, caregivers and the public an opportunity to participate in adaptive sports, view products and services to help aid recovery, and experience opportunities that can enrich their life.
  • Injuries and illnesses are not always visible (TBI, cancer, post-traumatic stress), and not all are endured in combat.