Read A Heartwarming Story of Caregivers and How They Mirror Wounded Warrior Struggles and Support


An often unspoken story is that of caregivers and how they mirror wounded warrior struggles and they are in need of support.

The excellent article below, written by Jasmine Porterfield of Team Eglin Public Affairs at Eglin Air Force Base, is well worth ready.  In a heartwarming story, she highlights how “Megan Fugitt was enjoying life as a newly-wed when in an instant, she went from being a wife to a caregiver”.

“Fugitt’s husband, Chris, a former Airman with the 96th Maintenance Squadron here, was on the mend of a kidney renal infarction in 2013 when he suddenly suffered a stroke as a result of blood thinners he was taking for his condition. The entire right side of his body was immediately paralyzed.”

“The caregivers are the mirror to the warriors’ life changing experiences,” said Tonya McGough, Air Force Wounded Warrior caregiver program manager. “If they can’t keep their warriors positive and on the go to where they can transition to a new normal, then that’s when the chaos starts. If the warriors are good, then the caregivers are good.”

To read ‘Caregivers mirror wounded warrior struggles, support’ on the Eglin Air Force Base web site, click hereCaregivers mirror wounded warrior struggles, support.




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